Might as well face it….

I’m addicted to Glee!  A friend of mine talked me into giving this show a try.  I couldn’t be less of a fan of people breaking into song to tell stories (hence my total aversion to Broadway shows!) but she assured me that it was also smart.

So I started watching it on hulu.com and I’m hooked.  All the kids are great actors, most are fantastic singers, the script is really clever and it definitely appeals for adults.

Unfortunately, I received my next disc via Netflix and there are only TWO EPISODES on it, one of which I have already seen on HULU!  I’m so annoyed!


2 thoughts on “Might as well face it….

  1. I know, Kate. It’s counterintuitive but I am a firm believer in immediate satisfaction, something that doesn’t come through in a 10 minute tune! I keep trying… I mean I loved the motion picture, “Chicago.”

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