Mad about Mad Men

Hi, my name is Amy and I’m a Mad Men-aholic.  Hi Amy.

My husband and I have just stocked up on all discs from the 3rd season of Mad Men.  We have stayed up late the past few nights to catch up on our favorite series.  I have not been disappointed.

I’m sure you know by now, if you’ve been reading my posts, that I love clothes… and Mad Men features my favorite era!  I long for the days when women wore dresses, gloves, heels and matching handbags.  I was born in the wrong decade for sure…

My favorite character?  Jon Slattery or better known as “Roger Sterling” on the show.  He’s got genius comic timing and I absolutely love his irreverence.  He says exactly what he feels, and most likely what the rest of think but wouldn’t dare say.

I must also admit that I have a super, not-so-secret crush on him!  I know, I know he has white hair and is probably at least 1.5x my age but something about him really gets me just as it did when he played the politician with a “pee” fetish in the Sex & The City series.

Can’t wait to start the 4th disc.  If you haven’t discovered this show, run don’t walk to your nearest video store!


I feel pretty… oh so pretty…

So, I’ve had a hate affair with my hair pretty much all winter.  It’s not that I have naturally bad hair; it’s been pretty good to me over the years but it’s become a bad color (thank you pregnancies) and fallen out (thank you again, pregnancies) and gotten wavy (do I need to remind you why?)

Several weeks ago I went dark and shorter, just a tad shorter mind you, but I felt like my cut was reminiscent of the “Jennifer” cut pertaining to the Jennifer Aniston “Friends” cut that became the hottest thing on the scene… you know the modern mullet?

Circa mid 90’s.

Need I say more?

So, I made a last minute appointment with my stylist of about 2 years and told her I wanted to go SHORT but that I wanted a cut that looked different everyday, if I so chose to put a minimal amount of effort and “product” into it.

She immediately said, “You’re too dark!”  I felt that way too.  I tried dark because keeping up my natural looking golden glow was getting too expensive but I just didn’t feel like myself.  She lightened me up and I actually feel like it’s my beautiful sun-kissed blonde hair that I had until the aforementioned pregnancies. GRRRR….

While under the dryer to process my color, I searched furiously through all sorts of magazines for a new short cut.  This is not something you can just wing, no matter how good your stylist is.  I would  normally come carrying that picture but had no time this week and truthfully, hadn’t made the final call on whether I could go super short again…

At the last minute, I found it.  The cut!  Short but still my go-to bob.  She cut quickly and painlessly and I walked out with a little product, a new color and wet hair that she didn’t have time to style… my timeline, not hers.

I blew it dry using my hands, no brush in about 3 minutes and figured that this was going to be the makeover I’ve been needing for months.  I’m in love with my new hair and feel pretty… OH SO PRETTY again, just in time for Spring!

Ok, so it’s not the true meaning of Easter but….

I love Easter.  I love egg hunts, family dinners, pastels and Easter outfits!  Ok, so it’s not the true meaning of Easter but it’s still the reason I look forward to the holiday every Spring.

Seersucker or Beige Linen suits with pale green ties for men and boys, hats and large flower prints for women.  Or retro dresses that recall the time when all women wore white gloves to church and had matching handbags and shoes.

I will forgo the white gloves but I am on the hunt for the perfect Easter dress (preferably one that will fit into my $40 budget) but not absolutely necessary and probably not likely either.

I have been on all my favorite websites looking for something perfect to wear with my Easter bonnet.  Yes, I wear one.  Von Maur has some great little frocks, as does Nordstroms.  I’m trying to stay away from Saks and Neimans because that will not only NOT fit into my budget for an Easter Dress but probably not my budget for the whole year.

A few mom friends have raved about some cute little finds at Ann Taylor Loft and what we like to call Target Boutique, pronounced TAR-ZHAY and you know those were good deals!

I only have two days left to find my cute Easter dress.  Wish me luck!