Mad about Mad Men

Hi, my name is Amy and I’m a Mad Men-aholic.  Hi Amy.

My husband and I have just stocked up on all discs from the 3rd season of Mad Men.  We have stayed up late the past few nights to catch up on our favorite series.  I have not been disappointed.

I’m sure you know by now, if you’ve been reading my posts, that I love clothes… and Mad Men features my favorite era!  I long for the days when women wore dresses, gloves, heels and matching handbags.  I was born in the wrong decade for sure…

My favorite character?  Jon Slattery or better known as “Roger Sterling” on the show.  He’s got genius comic timing and I absolutely love his irreverence.  He says exactly what he feels, and most likely what the rest of think but wouldn’t dare say.

I must also admit that I have a super, not-so-secret crush on him!  I know, I know he has white hair and is probably at least 1.5x my age but something about him really gets me just as it did when he played the politician with a “pee” fetish in the Sex & The City series.

Can’t wait to start the 4th disc.  If you haven’t discovered this show, run don’t walk to your nearest video store!

One thought on “Mad about Mad Men

  1. Amy,I totally agree with the show and the clothes. I absolutely ADORE them, especially everything Betty wears..even when she was pregnant in the show. Also, love the site. Bridget

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