I feel pretty… oh so pretty…

So, I’ve had a hate affair with my hair pretty much all winter.  It’s not that I have naturally bad hair; it’s been pretty good to me over the years but it’s become a bad color (thank you pregnancies) and fallen out (thank you again, pregnancies) and gotten wavy (do I need to remind you why?)

Several weeks ago I went dark and shorter, just a tad shorter mind you, but I felt like my cut was reminiscent of the “Jennifer” cut pertaining to the Jennifer Aniston “Friends” cut that became the hottest thing on the scene… you know the modern mullet?

Circa mid 90’s.

Need I say more?

So, I made a last minute appointment with my stylist of about 2 years and told her I wanted to go SHORT but that I wanted a cut that looked different everyday, if I so chose to put a minimal amount of effort and “product” into it.

She immediately said, “You’re too dark!”  I felt that way too.  I tried dark because keeping up my natural looking golden glow was getting too expensive but I just didn’t feel like myself.  She lightened me up and I actually feel like it’s my beautiful sun-kissed blonde hair that I had until the aforementioned pregnancies. GRRRR….

While under the dryer to process my color, I searched furiously through all sorts of magazines for a new short cut.  This is not something you can just wing, no matter how good your stylist is.  I would  normally come carrying that picture but had no time this week and truthfully, hadn’t made the final call on whether I could go super short again…

At the last minute, I found it.  The cut!  Short but still my go-to bob.  She cut quickly and painlessly and I walked out with a little product, a new color and wet hair that she didn’t have time to style… my timeline, not hers.

I blew it dry using my hands, no brush in about 3 minutes and figured that this was going to be the makeover I’ve been needing for months.  I’m in love with my new hair and feel pretty… OH SO PRETTY again, just in time for Spring!

3 thoughts on “I feel pretty… oh so pretty…

  1. SHUT UP! I finally had some down time to check out your new blog and…what to my wondering eyes should appear but my BFF Amy with hair above her ears (…and yes, I totally meant to make it rhyme AND sound like The Night Before Christmas). Gorgeous!!! I wish I had the balls but Matt made me SWEAR on our marriage that I would never cut my hair short, like all the older women in his family. I am however going to start highlighting it again after I see how much the sun does it naturally on its own (if I can hold out that long).

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