Window shopping online?

Finally, a gorgeous day that is bordering on summer temperatures. The only difference, most of the yards still have homely bare trees and dead brown grass left over from the longest winter of my life.

These kinds of days make me want to run out and replace my wardrobe.  Out with the old, in with the new.  So, I’m thinking,  “What do I want to wear this spring and summer?” (As if I have this endless budget that allows me to reinvent myself for the next 6 months.)

I have suddenly become very interested in brushed gold.  I keep wanting to purchase dainty little chains and pendants with gold charms and semi-precious stones.

I also want lots of platform sandals.  I have really big calves and short legs, so I always need to elongate!  I could kick myself for getting rid of a great pair of black Enzo sandals several years ago but I think after many summer’s searches, I have found a replacement pair and CHEAP!

I have problems finding pants, jeans and shorts in the right proportions, I stick to skirts and dresses to get me through the summer.  I love them!  I love that you can wear them with flip flops during the day  and then throw on a cute sweater or jacket, chunky jewelry and some cute heels to head out somewhere special.

Spring is not kind to my stay-at-home mom budget.  Most times I just “window shop” online.  This means that I visit all my favorite sites and fill my shopping cart with anything and everything I’ve ever wanted… then I close my browser window without checking out.  And I put on the same thing I’ve been wearing for years….

Because I am having a very hard time taking off my baby weight from my last baby, I will probably have to actually buy something this spring… bittersweet, I guess.  Might be time to actually purchase.

One thought on “Window shopping online?

  1. is a blessing and a curse. Blessing to do all the shopping from my inbox and to get awesome clothes on sale, but a curse because of the dent it puts in my pocketbook! 😉

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