Dirt on your hands…

My 3-year-old told me today, “If you have dirt on your hands, it means you are having fun.”  I wondered who told him that and thought to myself, that’s brilliant.  Turns out, no one told him that and he is just deep and more perfect than I already thought he was.

Jack has always had funny things to say; some more precocious than funny.  He has been interested in letters, words, patterns and more since he was old enough to utter his first few.
Any time he hears a word that he doesn’t recognize, he asks what it means.  My initial reaction is, “how awesome!” and then I remember that I actually have to come up with a reasonably good and understandable definition of said word.
Why can’t he be daft?

He has taken to calling me “honey” lately.  Imagine the phrase, “what are you reading, honey?” coming from your preschooler and not your spouse.  He also calls family members, most recently his 26-year-old uncle, “little buddy.”  Jack is 3′ 4″ and his uncle is 6′ 2″, in case you needed me to point out that the uncle is in fact, NOT a little anything….

It’s true what they say, kids do say the darnedest things… just don’t ask me to define that.

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